A 47-year-old high billing securities lawyer had a very dysfunctional family. He required and received biweekly counselling with a gifted therapist. This allowed him to stay focused and to be highly productive at work.

A 63-year-old COO had colon cancer. He had an operation which went well. Unfortunately, he became depressed and developed a sleep disorder. The RCM505 team arranged for a psychiatric assessment and medications in order to continue to function fully and effectively at work.

A 50-year-old female VP sustained a profound loss when her 51-year-old husband died suddenly of a heart attack. The VP entered bereavement counselling arranged by the RCM505 team to help her cope with her tragedy. She avoided going on extended short-term disability thanks to the support that she received.

A 28-year-old millennial had high levels of anxiety which negatively impacted her job performance. The RCM505 team maximized her EAP benefit by negotiating for unlimited sessions of counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy. She did well with the continuous support provided.

A 48-year-old CFO was in the midst of a nasty divorce. He was also a heavy drinker. The RCM505 team organized his detox, an intensive outpatient programme, peer group support and sober coaching. The CFO was able to stay engaged at work throughout the recovery process without needing to leave work for rehab.